There is no fee associated with the initial exam and consultation.

Our goals during this appointment are to make patients feel comfortable and at ease in our clinic and to provide answers for any questions pertaining to your concerns about your teeth. We want you to obtain all of the information necessary to make a well-educated and informed decision on what is best for you (or for your child). In order to expedite the process, please complete theĀ new patient forms prior to your arrival.

Scheduled a Free Consultation


A panoramic x-ray (showing all of the teeth and both jaws) may be taken in order for the doctor to evaluate the condition and position of the teeth. Following a comprehensive examination, any necessary treatment recommendations will be presented in a clear, easy to understand manner, and any questions that you may have will be answered.

If you are not yet ready for treatment then an observation appointment can be scheduled for a future date to monitor any changes that may occur due to eruption of teeth and growth of the face and jaws.

If the clinical exam reveals that treatment is recommended, complete diagnostic records may be obtained including an additional x-ray and photos. Our patient care coordinator will review any insurance benefits and discuss financial arrangements, frequency of appointments, and can schedule you to begin treatment. In many instances we are able to start treatment the same day!

If you have additional questions about your first visit, do not hesitate to call us at (503) 666-8000 or email us at


We aim to make paying for treatment as easy as possible. Treatment fees vary depending on the type and complexity of treatment that is necessary. Our patient care coordinator will review your insurance policy directly with your provider to help you obtain the maximum orthodontic benefit possible and, after Dr. Bacon has reviewed your treatment options, will discuss with you the applicable fees, insurance benefit, and payment options that are available. We offer flexible, zero interest, in-house financing to accommodate patients and make treatment affordable. Please schedule your free consultation for more information.